Creations By Mit

About the artist....

I began drawing when I was a child, making my own books by stapling pieces of paper together, & writing & illustrating stories for my younger brother. I have fond memories of the picture books that were read to me, and hope my illustrations will have the same impact on children today. 

I earned a BFA in Illustration from Syracuse University, with a minor in advertising design. I have worked for several years in product development for a toy company, and currently a women's home fitness equipment company, and can often be found doodling in meetings when I probably *should* be paying attention. I draw any chance I get & welcome freelance assignments! Clients include The American Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' Animal Watch Magazine, Boys Quest Magazine, Sigma Kappa Triangle Magazine, Codman Square Laundry,  & Osco Drug.

My whimsical, often humorous illustrations are traditionally drawn, sometimes with digital enhancement, and appeal to young and old alike!